Repost: Deep Green Zombies Want Your Brains

I think this may be the greatest book review I’ve ever read….

Deep Green Zombies Want Your Brains

If you watch zombie movies, you’d probably know that common scene where a character (often a main character) mistakes a zombie for a friend/family/rescuer and stands calmly next to them – until, too late, the undead is chewing on their brains and the hapless victim becomes undead too.
That’s the thing about zombies. Superficially at least, they resemble humans in most respects.
Like zombies resemble humans, the politics of the group “Deep Green Resistance” resemble those of a radical green/left group in many ways. But I get the distinct impression that to find yourself alongside them in the green/left movement would be akin to standing next to a zombie. The following is a review of their manifesto, the book Deep Green Resistance (McBay, Keith & Jensen, Seven Stories Press, 2011).


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