Perpetrators of Abuse

People who have been abusive and/or complicit in the abuse of others. This list will be updated as needed with pertinent information in order to help vulnerable people avoid this dangerous individuals.

Some of these people may not seem dangerous, some of them may even be your friends. But in listing those who are complicit, it can act as a preemptive warning of possible danger. Those who are complicit (and only complicit) are assumed to be capable of much worse than complicity.

  • Laurelai Bailey @stuxnetsource

Known serial abuser, accused rapist of multiple women and transmisogynist. Tactics include gaslighting, victim blaming, pathological lying, doxxing and a victim complex. Almost completely disingenuous in what she says and does. Claims to have autism and borderline personality disorder. Calls herself a “polymath genius.” Owns many twitter handles/sockpuppet accounts.


Favorite victim labels:

  1. Psychopath
  2. Sociopath
  3. Narcissist
  4. Bitch
  5. Stalker
  6. Abuser

The use of such labels, publicly…

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2 thoughts on “

  1. Chloe Sagal says:

    Take down this list, it encourages people to harass sensitive victims. The original author is going to be brought in, please do not help spread more abuse to their victims.

    • emateapot says:

      I know the original author. They are honest and I trust their judgement on this issue. Also, I didn’t notice your comment before, but I see that it is 3 months old and the author certainly has not been “brought in”. In fact more people are speaking out against these abusers.

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