Exposing TERFS and SWERFS in Australia

An important page exposing the Radical “Feminist” bigots in Australia. TERFS stands for Transgender Exclusive Radical Feminists and SWERFS stands for Sex Worker Exclusive Radical Feminists. Take particular note of Paisley Semrau and Jasmine Curcio. These two spend all their time bullying transgender women and sex workers, then support a man who makes a habit of enabling rapists and who claims to have been “falsely” accused of raping a child.


Paisley has started bullying a friend of mine because she (mistakenly) believes she is behind the Exposing TERFs blog. The person she is bullying is someone I respect very much for standing up against unjust laws and for not hiding who she is despite all the stigma she faces from bigots like Paisley.

Paisley, if you have to shame your opponent for being a drug user or sex worker, attack their mental health, or victim blame them for being abused, then you have totally failed at being a feminist. You have also failed as a feminist when you support rapists or rape apologists. And you have failed as a feminist if you spend all your time attacking marginalised women. Paisley Semrau you are an abuser and I think you should be kept the fuck away from any feminist events in Melbourne.

Below is a link to my friend’s response to Paisley:


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