Beyond the Pros and Cons of Trigger Warnings: Collectivizing Healing

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Beyond the Pros and Cons of Trigger Warnings: Collectivizing Healing
Andrea Smith

When I used to work as an anti-violence crisis counselor full-time, a counselor in another agency confided in me that she was currently being battered by her partner. She did not want anyone to know, however, because she feared losing her job. “People won’t think I have my act together enough to be in this movement if they know what I am going through,” as she explained why she did not think she could tell anyone. She was part of an anti-violence movement that she did not feel would support her. She had to address this violence on her own.

I was part of a larger collective that organized human rights/legal training for Native boarding school survivors. Frequently, survivors would drive literally hundreds of miles to attend at considerable expense because they really wanted this information. But when…

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Melbourne Anarchist Club and transphobia

This is Melbourne Anarchist Club’s response to criticism for having a transphobic and whorephobic speaker – weasel words over the definition of “phobia”:

Melbourne Anarchist Club (MAC) The host of the event has a particular view regarding the definition if ‘woman’. To suggest that this is trans phobia is entirely dishonest in an intellectual sense as a phobia is, by definition an irrational fear. The host of the event has a critique of the sex industry. To suggest that this is whorephobic makes as much sense as condemning those who work in the logging industry on account of a valid critique of the very same industry. The MAC welcomes and makes space for a free and open enquiry. Not only on these topics but many others. Those who would slander and defame the host, call for boycott or even a blockade reveal themselves to be in favour of crushing dissenting views and creating an atmosphere where each attempts to denounce the other before they they themselves are denounced. Such practices are an anathema to anarchism and say much more about those who denounce than the host.