Jacob Grech – rape apologist

For various reasons I’ve decided to name another one of the people involved in bullying a rape survivor in the IWW. It’s Jacob Grech, he works for Melbourne Trades Hall as the janitor. He ends up on a lot of event platforms because of his connection to Trades Hall.

List of rape apologists:
-James Brennan (Melbourne/Geelong. Renegade Activists Action Force (RAAF), Libertarian Alliance)
-Liz Turner (Melbourne/Geelong, RAAF, Libertarian Alliance)
-Moo Kau (If I find out this person’s real name I will post it here, what I know is he lives in Geelong and uses this pseudonym for activism, his first name may be John)
-Jake Scholes (Perth. Also was the IWW national Communications Officer. He knows that Ben is a serial harasser but decided to side with him for personal reasons)
-Ushter Abassi (Sydney)
-Jacob Grech (Melbourne Trades Hall janitor, RAAF, Libertarian Alliance) [Updated]



21 thoughts on “Jacob Grech – rape apologist

  1. get … a fucking … life
    jacob does so much selfless work because he give a huge fuck
    you obviously spend alot of time in your twisted knickers looking for pissant reasons to include the word ‘rape’ and a man’s name in the same sentence
    how fucken’ dare you

    why don’t you take your toxic energy and direct it at a more worthy target. there are alot to choose from.

    • emateapot says:

      I really was unsure whether to even publish this comment because it’s so misogynist and vile.
      But anyway, if Jacob doesn’t want his name associated with the word “rape”, maybe he shouldn’t associate with rapists.

  2. Ginny says:

    So now a bunch of people will likely take issue with your guilty of thought crimes until proven innocent theory and you will no doubt use that to claim you’re being further bullied while you hide behind anonymity.

    • emateapot says:

      Supporting rapists and bullying survivors are not mere thoughts. I wonder if you even bothered to read my account of the events before coming up with that cliched statement?

  3. sean bedlam says:

    I am speechless. I have seen Jacob Grech act with great courage, integrity and stamina over three years. To suggest he would lazily dismiss sexual assault is to admit you have no idea of his commitment. Epic fail, Teapot.

    • emateapot says:

      I’ve known Jacob for 8 years. Him and his friends have helped multiple perpetrators. Your judging the things based on who you are friends with is the kind of attitude that means sexual violence and misogyny will never be taken seriously in the left.

  4. emateapot says:

    To the people claiming I’m “hiding behind anonymity”… Learn to fucking read. My real name is all over this blog.

  5. emateapot says:

    So if anyone wants to see Jacob and his mates responses they are on the link below. I want to point out that he makes it clear that he:
    – Doesn’t know the content of the letter he signed. It was actually a complaint against the branch secretary on behalf of the stalker. But he seems to think it was some kind of “open letter” calling for a fair process.
    – He doesn’t know which of the two predators he was supporting. The person commented on the thread repeatedly and he liked their comments but when that was mentioned he claims the person the letter was in support of hadn’t commented. I can only conclude that he thought he was signing a letter in support of the rapist.
    – He doesn’t know who either the rape victim or me are.
    It’s a joke to say that he wouldn’t take a rape allegation “lightly”. Jacob happily helped destroy our lives without even knowing who we are or who he was supporting. I could say a lot more but I’m just going to leave it for now.

  6. emateapot says:

    One more thing, I find it utterly disgusting that an old white man accused of helping predators compares himself and his rapist friends to Michael Brown.

  7. Is Jacob Grech a Socialist?

    We have found footage of him standing next to an IWW tent claiming to NOT be a socialist.

    I think honesty could be brought into question.

  8. Bill Thompson says:

    FYI – I am a 64 year old guy who accepted an email invitation to attend a Greens “Bust the Budget” demo at the State Library on 18 May 2014. While I was standing in the crowd, holding an A4-sized poster against my chest, I was physically assaulted & verbally abused by two blokes, one of whom sported dark dreadlocks & round-framed spectacles. Both these guys seemed to be directing the crowd-control Gestapo at the rally, as is evident from watching Adam Bandt’s Facebook video of the event. Based on later news video of CBD demos, I believe one of the men who assaulted me was Jacob Grech. I have reported this to police.

  9. NORA’S STORY – As told by Nora
    After midnight on the 3/2/04, a vicious storm swept thru Melbourne. Winds in excess of 100 km and 120 mm of rain were recorded in a few hours that created massive damage. (Including destroying a brick wall in front of the church next door.)

    The morning after the storm, Nora, (the artist occupying the studio in the south tower above the bar,) came into our office at 9am, telling Jim Rimmer and myself that Jacob was a hero? She told us that at 2am in the middle of the storm, Jacob became concerned about her paintings attached to the walls of the studio and was frightened they might get water damaged. (Note: Jacob could easily have put some clothes on and walked internally through the building for 60 seconds, from the Caretakers residence, thru the bar and up to the studio – without getting wet or blown away.)

    But Jacob was in good form and with his usual warped versions of the truth, told Nora (who believed him!) that saving the painting was so important, (and ignoring every rule of health and safety?) without any clothes or shoes, the totally nude Jacob, climbed a 14 ft ladder from the floor of the Caretaker’s residence, then walked across the unlit corrugated iron roof on top of the bar. (In the middle of a violent rain storm and 100 km winds?) Climbing thru a window – that just happened to be open – he removed the damp paintings from the walls and hung them to dry over a banister at the top of the stairs. (Nora said Jacob had done such a good job, she could not tell that they had ever been wet?)

    But wait: the story he told Nora gets better. Having saved the paintings, Jacob decides to also save the red flag that flies from the top of the tower over Nora’s studio. So once more our hero braves the elements and climb’s another ladder to retrieve the flag from the ravages of this terrible storm. (Question: Where did he get the key for the roof padlock – if he was in the nude?) However, while on the top of the tower and despite the howling storm, Jacob hears the door to the studio slam shut and as he told Nora, he assumed she had come to check on her painting. So our nude Jacob, not wishing to confront a young artist at 2am in an undressed state, remained on the roof for 20 minutes – during the worst storm in Melbourne since records were first kept in 1956. Hearing no further noise, Jacob surmised, the wind had shut the door, but in case he was wrong and being the modest revolutionary hero that he is, he wrapped himself in the wet red flag. Finding no Nora, he once again made a trip across the unlit, wind and rain swept roof to the safety and warmth of home and family?

    Nora was very serious when she told us this story, so Jim and myself knowing the usual lack of truth in Jacobs Storys, restrained our laughter until after she had departed. We also later kept a straight face when we asked Jacob about his early morning adventure and he very modestly admitted that yes, he was the hero Nora had told us about.

    50 Minutes after Nora departed we repeated her story to Greg, (the cleaner,) who was having coffee with us in our office. When we finished, Greg shook his head and told us our story was very wrong and the flag had been up there all night. He then added, the first job Jacob had given him when he arrived for work this morning was for him, (Greg,) to take down the red flag from the top of Nora’s studio tower!

    Written by Paddy Garritty and confirmed by Jim Rimmer!

    By the way Jacob Grech told me he was an anarchist and I dont think he ever was in a union before he conned his way into the Cartakers job at Trades Hall. Ah, but that is another of several very interesting stories about our hero, Jacob?

  10. you mean this guy right?

    But he says he’s not a socialist, so I’m now a bit confused.

  11. grumpycat333 says:

    This stuff reminds me of all the rape and sexual assault allegations that were made during OM, which “First Aid and Care” knew about and covered up, claiming, amongst other things, that they didn’t know how to deal with this problem. In all fairness, some of the predators were women, but in those cases assault allegations were completely ignored and the victims not only blamed but also accused of making false allegations due to feeling “rejected”.

    I don’t know whether Grech is a rape-apologist, but I know that he is a manipulator. Doesn’t look like he’s gets much support these days except for the usual suspect OM fringe dwellers like Moo Kau, Barnaby Evans , David Hollis, Anoun E Moose and some of the Wikileaks party defectors. Doesn’t really seem a lot for a man who is apparently a “respected activist” and “Anarchist” (socialist). Maybe that’s because people who have known him for longer know the truth?

    • emateapot says:

      This is interesting because I know recently first the Melbourne Street Medics (who I believe this group morphed into) were going to help with the safer spaces stuff at Reclaim the Night. I asked if Moo Kau was still involved (because obviously having someone like him dealing with people distressed over sexual assault wouldn’t be good), and they said him and some others who were problematic had left. I hope that means these people really aren’t involved in that any more.

      • grumpycat333 says:

        I would not trust those”street Medics” ( Band aid providers) The person who runs the group, JC Coggo was a major reason the coverups occurred, definitely a rape-apologist . Pretty much all the people who did not agree with the coverups were pushed out or left the group. Not sure what the story is with Moo Kau, I don’t know anything about him. He seemed like an ok guy to me, but a lot of them do at first and the fact that he doesn’t want to reveal his real name is a bit sus.

  12. Yes that is what that group morphed into after several name changes before that point. The group itself was dysfunctional at its core, the fact that someone like Moo Kau was ever added shows the core dysfunction, a symptom and an additional problem.

    The group seldom preformed any actual first aid or care, and was full of individuals who wished to prance around doing the ‘special snowflake’ routine. The group also viciously lashed out at anyone questioning its methods or lack of accountability.

    Narcissism its an epidemic these days, that that group had more than its fair share of it inside.

    You are better off learning your own first aid from a book or a short course, any thing serious just call 000, try to keep them breathing, and try to stop the blood flow, pretty simple huh?

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