Jacob Grech – rape apologist

For various reasons I’ve decided to name another one of the people involved in bullying a rape survivor in the IWW. It’s Jacob Grech, he works for Melbourne Trades Hall as the janitor. He ends up on a lot of event platforms because of his connection to Trades Hall.

List of rape apologists:
-James Brennan (Melbourne/Geelong. Renegade Activists Action Force (RAAF), Libertarian Alliance)
-Liz Turner (Melbourne/Geelong, RAAF, Libertarian Alliance)
-Moo Kau (If I find out this person’s real name I will post it here, what I know is he lives in Geelong and uses this pseudonym for activism, his first name may be John)
-Jake Scholes (Perth. Also was the IWW national Communications Officer. He knows that Ben is a serial harasser but decided to side with him for personal reasons)
-Ushter Abassi (Sydney)
-Jacob Grech (Melbourne Trades Hall janitor, RAAF, Libertarian Alliance) [Updated]