The Cult of the Male Expert (Becca Weaver explains why she participated in the protest of Kristian Williams)

Brilliant article!


The Cult of the Male Expert

by Rebecca Weaver


Hello, dear reader. My name is Rebecca Weaver. I’m a trans woman, meaning I’m a woman who was born with a so-called “male” body. I’m also a political radical, an anarchist, and a feminist. I’m personally not that into identity politics—I want total liberation for all human beings. But I like to think my identity and my politics have a bit to do with each other. Trans women, after all, are some of the people most harmed by this sexist society. Like so many trans women, I’ve been sexually assaulted. I’ve been discriminated against while looking for a job, and I’ve been evicted from a house—both for being a trans woman. I’ve been harassed in bars, on the bus, and on the sidewalk—sometimes people just being rude and asking stupid questions, sometimes people screaming at me, calling me a “tranny”…

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