Statement on NCP (LC)’s Patriarchal Behavior toward Me

I personally witnessed some of the misogynist behavior by this group, including mercilessly bullying a woman (a different person from the author of this post) who was clearly suicidal after she called them out for their shit.


One thought on “Statement on NCP (LC)’s Patriarchal Behavior toward Me

  1. siahnaxalkal says:

    Given that I am not familiar directly with young revolutionary generations, I am neither able to accept or not accept all details validity of this hurt comrade. But comrades, if parts of it is true, please review comrade Kevin Johnson’s writing on being a “comrade” rather than a bro or …. and, value every comrade of every age and sex and ethnic groups with all their due respect, behave fairly and, whenever needed self criticise time after time. Why? since beloved “gringo” based youth, you are – hopefully – building foundation of a serious revolutionary party and, all cultural misbehaviours ought to be washed out and replaced with revolutionary proletarian content and context. If the claims/allegations are unfounded and unreliable save your reputation but even if it is all true so what? It is not ever too late learn to learn and learning it the hard way is better than, not learning it at all.
    I have seen in this very society very opportunistic attitude sometimes of – as soon as going bankrupt in an argument, somebody labeling other party sexist and misogynist as well for about face but, even if a fraction off above comrade’s points are valid, as far as in relation with a group, not this or that particular individual, please act more sober, polite, revolutionary and, caring about each other. Review great later comrade Huey Newton’s to die for the people and get yourselves together properly. For those who will do their best, I thank them beforehand and, for those who do not take elder comrades’ words of wisdom gained within decades of facing all sort of similar and different things, I am not sorry for your time wasted by reading my note. I am more sorry that I took them seriously at all.

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