The Cult of the Male Expert (Becca Weaver explains why she participated in the protest of Kristian Williams)

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The Cult of the Male Expert

by Rebecca Weaver


Hello, dear reader. My name is Rebecca Weaver. I’m a trans woman, meaning I’m a woman who was born with a so-called “male” body. I’m also a political radical, an anarchist, and a feminist. I’m personally not that into identity politics—I want total liberation for all human beings. But I like to think my identity and my politics have a bit to do with each other. Trans women, after all, are some of the people most harmed by this sexist society. Like so many trans women, I’ve been sexually assaulted. I’ve been discriminated against while looking for a job, and I’ve been evicted from a house—both for being a trans woman. I’ve been harassed in bars, on the bus, and on the sidewalk—sometimes people just being rude and asking stupid questions, sometimes people screaming at me, calling me a “tranny”…

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Feminist Opposition: Kristian Williams Shut Down at Law & Disorder 2014


On May 10, over a dozen feminists protested Kristian Williams’ appearance at the Law & Disorder Conference (L&D) in Portland, Oregon. We challenged Williams’ continued harassment of a local abuse survivor, her supporters, and other political organizers. We did so because this harassment is not isolated; intimate violence and patriarchal power relations are pervasive in radical communities. We shut down Williams’ speech. Subsequently, video footage of the protest has circulated widely, but the political reasons for our disruption have traveled less far.

Williams’ supporters claim that he was protested “not for something he did, but […] for his perspective” — in other words, because of Williams’ article “The Politics of Denunciation.” This is only partially correct. We protested because it was vital to challenge Williams and his cadre’s anti-feminist behavior and politic. The article was produced to shield Williams’ close political associates from criticism, and to justify Williams’ prior work…

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Ian Awesome’s Statement About the Law & Disorder Disruption


Why I Helped Disrupt Kristian Williams at Law and Disorder

by Ian Awesome

Since returning from Portland I’ve had a lot of people, inside and outside Seattle, asking me about the disruption of Kristian Williams’ speaking engagement at the Law and Disorder conference in Portland. I have questions coming from people who don’t know who he is, from people who don’t know what horrid things he’s done, or people who don’t completely understand why his most recent article, The Politics of Denunciation, is fucked up and misleading.

Kristian Williams is a highly respected author in anarchist circles, with a widely-read and quoted book, Our Enemies in Blue. It can be confusing why someone who is so against the cops and so against capitalism might be vilified or targeted by members of the anarchist community; keep in mind none of us who speak out against him had previously had any beef…

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