Repost: ‘grunching’ on the left

Grunching‘ is a term I came across on the Geek Feminism blog,
The term grunch means the sensation a woman has when she was for a time free of conscious awareness of the male gaze and did not feel othered, but is then reminded in some way that she is a woman first and a geek (or colleague, or writer, etc) a distant second. That is, being grunched is the sensation of being firmly and unexpectedly othered.

For me, this is usually the experience of shifting rapidly and uncomfortably from feeling more or less like I belong and am valued as a person, to feeling utterly out of place and, sometimes, uncomfortable.

While I’m no longer based in Perth, I’m heartened to see some of the developments currently happening in the Perth anarchist community, including the commitment to dealing with sexual assault and other forms of misogyny in Australian activist spaces. I’ve never experienced assault in an activist community, but I have experienced painful moments of grunching that have set off warning flares………



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