Response to Counterpunch on the Anarchist Book Fair venue

So Counterpunch has posted an article attacking the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair for using a venue owned by a BDSM porn company The ABF has published quite a good response here. Anyway below are some thoughts I had on the issue…

– Promoting disgust at alternative sexual practices like BDSM in order to further your political goals is kind of bigoted
– Why is using a venue owned by a porn company worse than any other company, including as was pointed out in the ABF response, universities that profit from war research etc?
– Why can’t they find a woman or even a sex worker to write about this stuff rather than some guy trying to promote his book?
– Why is he going on about “the anarchists” as if it’s one faction where everyone agrees? Seems to be trying to say that a very broad group is all anti-feminist or something.
– Some of the ABFs have had some really groundbreaking Safer Spaces policies to deal with abuse within activist circles (there is some discussion about this here). This is really a very difficult issue to address and it’s a lot easier to focus on symbolic stuff like what venue is used than actually DO SOMETHING DIRECTLY about violence in the community.


One thought on “Response to Counterpunch on the Anarchist Book Fair venue

  1. Ben Courtice says:

    Counterpunch’s late editor Alexander Cockburn promoted climate denial, publishing the writings of anti-renewable energy oil-industry publicist/promoter Robert Bryce for example. That journal lost all credibility in my eyes.
    On top of that, the columnist here is apparently from Deep Green Resistance, apparently. I’m yet to read their book but it sounds like a combination of misanthropic, anti-technology, primitivist ego-wank from wannabe direct action heroes.
    Oh and the comparison with republicans and slavery is offensive and lame. What a load.

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