Repost: Deep Green Zombies Want Your Brains

I think this may be the greatest book review I’ve ever read….

Deep Green Zombies Want Your Brains

If you watch zombie movies, you’d probably know that common scene where a character (often a main character) mistakes a zombie for a friend/family/rescuer and stands calmly next to them – until, too late, the undead is chewing on their brains and the hapless victim becomes undead too.
That’s the thing about zombies. Superficially at least, they resemble humans in most respects.
Like zombies resemble humans, the politics of the group “Deep Green Resistance” resemble those of a radical green/left group in many ways. But I get the distinct impression that to find yourself alongside them in the green/left movement would be akin to standing next to a zombie. The following is a review of their manifesto, the book Deep Green Resistance (McBay, Keith & Jensen, Seven Stories Press, 2011).


IWW letter of complaint

So for a long time a number of people who supported Ben Debney have claimed that they never made a complaint against the Melbourne branch secretary, but rather wrote a letter trying to “improve the process” and support the victims (Caroline and I) and other bullshit. Anyway finally I have gotten a copy of the complaint that was signed by them against the Melbourne branch secretary of the IWW. This proves that Jacob Grech, Moo Kau and others have deliberately lied about their role in all this. I’m actually shocked at how awful the letter is.

Note: Sarah Hathway took her name off the complaint after finding out what was really happening.

From: Jake Cortez <>

Dear Margaret,

We wish to make a formal complaint under Article III of the IWW Constitution against Tristan Bunner, branch secretary of the Melbourne General Membership Branch. We do so neither frivolously nor vexatiously, nor in anger, but as a result of measured consideration of FW Bunner’s behaviour over the last couple of months which we believe has caused a great deal of harm to the IWW and to members within it.

In particular we point to FW Bunner’s marked contribution to the toxic conditions within the IWW that acted as a breeding ground in which the flagrantly abusive, vindictive and politically-motivated behaviour of Ema Corro was able to fester. We are deeply saddened that he appears to have done so to the point where Ema Corro felt comfortable in denouncing the IWW as being filled with ‘horrible, horrible individuals’ who were ‘worse than Socialist Alliance,’ in wishing a member of the union dead, making public jibes about the term “fellow worker” ridiculing our use of the term, and otherwise damaging our reputation by constantly verbally attacking our members.

We do not of course hold FW Bunner responsible for the behaviour of Ema Corro but we do most definitely hold him accountable for permitting the conditions to fester in which her behaviour was allowed to escalate so dramatically and alarmingly. We believe that in not only neglecting to reign in Ema Corro’s abominable behaviour, which in addition to actively encouraging her to engage in more sickening and outrageous displays particularly online, FW Bunner has encouraged a culture of bullying and discrimination particularly within the Melbourne GMB, but also within the wider activist community. This culture has since been pointed to by at least one other branch member who has since resigned from the Melbourne branch on the basis of no longer feeling safe given the degree of hatefulness that prevails there, which FW Bunner has again done nothing to acknowledge or remedy.

We believe that this is all the result of FW Bunner aiding and expediting the process of denying Ben Debney natural justice in order to avoid having to admit to and address the serious shortcomings in his own conduct as branch secretary. We understand that previous to allowing complaints from Ema Corro, Caroline Hale and Dan Hanford to go ahead, he was aware of reprehensible behaviour on their part, including abusive behaviour from Ema Corro to which Ben Debney had previously alerted him on multiple occasions and a discriminatory and defamatory letter from Caroline Hale and Dan Hanford against Ben Debney that he himself refused to read in a branch meeting as requested. Being cognisant of all of these factors he did noting to prevent the negativity and destructive tendencies at play from festering, with the results we see today.

We also find that FW Bunner’s behaviour in response to FW Scholes’ action in removing Ema Corro from various IWW-related Facebook pages after receiving complaints about her behaviour was unacceptable by virtue of its heavy-handedness. We do not think this is behaviour becoming of any member of the IWW much less to say one with a position of responsibility within the organisation.

We request the following immediate terms of relief in order to bring the situation to resolution as speedily as possible:

1.) That FW Bunner step down as branch secretary of the Melbourne General Membership Branch effective immediately. We do not regard this as a negotiable term.
2.) That FW Bunner refrain from attending IWW events or functions (we may be willing to make an exception for organiser training with FW Erik Forman depending on FW Bunner’s conduct).
3.) That FW Bunner refrain from forwarding any personal correspondence involving the complainants to anyone outside of the complaint process.
4). That FW Bunner refrain from representing or speaking for the IWW in any official or unofficial capacity.

Yours for the OBU,

Jake Scholes, Perth IWW delegate and ROC Communications secretary.
Sarah Hathway, Geelong IWW
David Goodwin, Geelong IWW
Moo Kau, Geelong IWW delegate
Ushter Abbasi, Sydney IWW
Liz Turner, Geelong IWW
James Brennan, Geelong IWW
Jacob Gresch, Melbourne IWW


One of the discussions where Jacob Grech and Moo Kau repeatedly lied about the complaint and their role in things


Complaints committee findings:
“We find the complaints against FW Tristan Bunner to be unsubstantiated.  All evidence we have reviewed indicates that FW Bunner acted in a reasonable manner and attempted to strike a balance in the Melbourne branch.  He made several attempts to resolve conflicts and prevent escalation.  We received a letter outlining several complaints, however no corresponding evidence was provided.  Therefore, the accusations cannot be validated by this committee. ”

Reblog: ‘Calling out’ and the limitations of accountability processes

By Rebecca Winter

Content warning: sexual violence, rape apologism.

Recently, I’ve been getting into discussions about whether calling out perpetrators of sexual violence and their supporters is a useful tactic. Some people have suggested that calling out is often unhelpful and doesn’t allow healing to occur. Instead, they suggest that we should focus on less public ways of responding to sexual violence. Apparently, we need to have more compassion for perpetrators and belief in their ability to change.

It has become fairly common for people to criticise ‘calling out’, as though public criticism of the actions of others began with the invention of tumblr. Some of these criticisms come from a genuine desire to think about how we can build more effective cultures of criticism within the left. But all too often, people criticise calling out to avoid dealing with underlying disagreements about which actions are actually worth criticising in the first place…..


(Hoping that) Women Hurt: regret as a tool of advocacy

“There’s another thing that bothers me about it, and that’s how the traumatised-woman-as-poster-girl creates a need for more traumatised women. The women who don’t regret their abortion or sex work threaten to undermine the effectiveness, as an advocacy tool, of those who do; thus, they must be silenced, discredited, or worse still, recruited. I say “worse still” because recruiting them often involves persuading them that they were traumatised all along and didn’t know it. Real-life examples are the woman who speaks unapologetically about her abortion and is invited to receive “counselling” from an anti-abortion agency, the sex worker who takes advantage of “exiting” services when she decides it’s time to move on and finds herself subjected to re-education programmes that recast her experience as abusive when she didn’t see it that way.”

Feminist Ire

Two weeks ago, Irish parliamentarians were invited to a presentation on the subject of “abortion regret”. While the invitation didn’t explicitly advocate for the continued illegality of abortion, no one could fail to recognise its underlying agenda: firstly because it came from Senator Rónán Mullen, who’s barely known for anything else, and secondly because the featured speaker, Julia Holcomb, is a spokesperson for Silent No More, a self-described “project of Priests for Life and Anglicans for Life”. Holcomb was there not only to share her own unhappy story, but to convince Irish politicians of the need to maintain our near-absolute ban on abortion, in an attempt to prevent others from experiencing the same regret.

This campaign is one example of what Yale Law Professor Reva Siegel calls “woman-protective anti-abortion argument” – a strategic shift away from the foetus fetishism that has traditionally defined the right-to-life movement, to centring the pregnant…

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Perpetrators of Abuse

People who have been abusive and/or complicit in the abuse of others. This list will be updated as needed with pertinent information in order to help vulnerable people avoid this dangerous individuals.

Some of these people may not seem dangerous, some of them may even be your friends. But in listing those who are complicit, it can act as a preemptive warning of possible danger. Those who are complicit (and only complicit) are assumed to be capable of much worse than complicity.

  • Laurelai Bailey @stuxnetsource

Known serial abuser, accused rapist of multiple women and transmisogynist. Tactics include gaslighting, victim blaming, pathological lying, doxxing and a victim complex. Almost completely disingenuous in what she says and does. Claims to have autism and borderline personality disorder. Calls herself a “polymath genius.” Owns many twitter handles/sockpuppet accounts.


Favorite victim labels:

  1. Psychopath
  2. Sociopath
  3. Narcissist
  4. Bitch
  5. Stalker
  6. Abuser

The use of such labels, publicly…

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